The Black Horse

in North Swaff-Hambul & Beck


The Black Horse is a Middle-Earth Themed Vape Bar, Pub & Grill nestled in North Swaffhambul & Beck - one of just a handful of towns in Sark, sattelite Isle of Great Britain.

It's been over ten years since we opened the doors to The Black Horse, here in Sark. We originally opened as a standard gastro pub, serving your average pub grub and local ales. However, after many visitor continued remarking on our humble premises resembling a pub from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy we decided to drastiscally rebrand here on Sark and theme our entire menu around Tolkien's work.

Restyling many of our classic dishes with a rustic twist, our menu is now an ever evolving love letter to the mythos that Tolkien created all those decades ago. Our chefs begin new dishes with a concept from the books or films and then compile a modern version of a classic dish with that theme in mind. Using cutting edge liquid smoking techniques - we envelop our foods in a signature cloud that oozes the spirit of Middle-Earth.

Why Vaping?

In 2012, owners Kath and Jarv Kettleby quit smoking. Pub landlords for two decades, they had been heavy smokers for the majority of their working life. After moving on to e-cigarettes and then vaping, Jarv wanted to create a place in Sark where vapers could sit, smoke and eat. Thanks, in part, to the research the chefs had already been conducting into liquid smoke, it was a simple process do start designing Middle-Earth themed Vaping Pipes and Platters. With the help of XO Vape - E-cigs, E-liquid and Accessories - the chef's at the Black Horse have been able to produce quality vape experiences for diners with a Middle-Earth twist.

Where Is The Black Horse?

The Isle of Sark is an idyllic, windswept place with plenty of great beaches and moorlands for hikes. Intepid adventurers can elect to rent Elven Cloaks, Replica Swords & Shields as well as Pots & Pans (for the Hobbit away from home). After a long hike round the island, it's advisable to keep of the roads, and race back to The Black Horse before nightfalls - as there's talk of strangefolk abroad. Rooms can be rented, complete with feather beds and pillows, in case a quick distraction needs to be made.

Although the Kettlebys were relatively new to the realm of Middle-Earth, before transforming the Pub in 2008, they've now grown to become avid fans of everything Lord of the Rings related. Kath can often be seen in full Galadriel Cosplay at the Front of House, whilst Jarv often plays the role of clueless bartender and owner, Barliman Butterbur. They both await the release of the Ultimate Editions on Blu-Ray with baited breath. Meanwhile, the waiting staff is made up of a rag tag band of LOTR fans and travellers, seeking a few months of idyllic island life - and discovering a rather surreal way to spend 6 weeks.

For bookings or room reservations, don't hesitate to give us a call or an email. We aim to open over all major holiday seasons and are always thrilled to recieve visitors from around the world.