A vSculpt May Be Able to Help with Incontinence

Anyone who is suffering from incontinence usually wants all the help they can get. Now, it may not be easy for them to talk about their condition and to ask for help, but they definitely want some sort of relief and control over their symptoms.

There are a lot of products that are designed to make incontinence more manageable, and these include adult nappies, incontinence pads for males and also females and medications that allow for great muscular control, but there is are researchers working right now on new technologies and new tools to help people who suffer from incontinence get the help they need. One of the newest ways to deal with incontinence is named the vSculpt, and it is a device that has to be inserted vaginally.

That’s right- it is only designed for women, and it helps them to have stronger pelvic muscles. You see, a lot of incontinence issues are caused by a weak pelvic area. This can be due to the stresses of childbirth or some sort of damage to that region of the body. Whatever the case, the pelvic area, when weakened, can cause some leakage. This urinary incontinence may be embarrassing or uncomfortable, and there are some ways that strength can be restored to the pelvic area, but most of the time, they involve either surgery or exercise. While those tactics may still be necessary, this new tool- the vSculpt- can help as well, and it can provide quick relief that isn’t always possible with other methods of incontinence control.

The vSculpt is a complex device that uses a mixture of vibrations, heat and light to target weak areas of the muscles in the pelvis and give them a little boost. It stimulates the muscles there and allows them to become more powerful and more effective. Once it starts to work, it enables the women using it to have more control over lubrication in that area and pelvic control. Greater pelvic control leads to less urinary leakage, as women can control when they urinate, even if they have an incredible urge to do so.

Studies have already been conducted on this device, and they have shown positive results for women who use it. After only 45 days, women using the vSculpt were able to better control their leakage, and they experienced incredible boosts in pelvic control and in sexual performance. This device does more than just boost your leakage control. It also has the side benefit of improving sexual performance, and it can make a huge difference in the quality of life for women of any age.

This is just one of the many tools that are being developed and that women are using to get back control of their bladder. Urinary incontinence does not have to be something that you live with for very long, and it doesn’t have to drastically change the way you live your life. Talk to you doctor about vSculpt and other options that may be able to help you with incontinence.